Make your own Candle

At Soy Clever Candle Co we like to focus on the customer.  Come to our office and pour your own custom scented natural soy candle.

Please contact us to schedule a time for your private party!

Our Specialties

We specialize in custom!  There is no better way to find the perfect fit for your preference then to blend the scents and pour a unique and personalized candle.  We have different packages with our most popular including a single 11 oz Glass tumbler.

Want a custom etching?

We can put a custom message or logo on the candle glass in preparation for your small event / party!  We require a 2 week pre-order to ensure your custom work can be added to the candles prior to your event!

Book a Party with Custom Candle Etching

Showers and Events

We can currently accept parties up to 10 people for our small group events.  Come into our office and our staff will help you perfectly select a scent that will match your style.

Make it special

While spending time with your close friends create an event that you will remember every time your candle burns.  We will keep your scent on file for 1 year following your session so if you want to order additional candles with your custom scent we can make it for you!

We Deliver and Ship all over the Country!

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